New Whopperflower boss gameplay revealed - Genshin Impact 2.3 leaks

New Whopperflower boss gameplay revealed - Genshin Impact 2.3 leaks

 The Genshine Impact 2.3 leaks show a new boss, the Whopperflower boss known as a Fel Whopperflower. 

The Whapperflower boss is larger than a normal Whapperflowers. It's normal boss, they give normal damage using Cryo attacks. We see the boss fight in video leaks, this video is only one minute and 25 seconds long, so players should keep that in mind.

Whapperflower boss gameplay

The first thing to note the Travelers, the location of the boss is not correct(according to video leaks). We see some attacks from the Whapperflower boss. 

The video leaks start with throwing a giant snowball toward the players. Snowballs give normal damage, And another attack is to throw the snowballs in a vertical trajectory. We see the boss use more attacked in fights, but it is not classified yet. 

model of Whopperflower boss 

 Another Genshine Impact leaks 2.3 show the Whopperflower boss from all sides. This tweet shows all sides of the boss. 

It also confirmed the physical details of the Whopperflower boss in another leak. The Whopperflower boss will be come in Dust and Shadowed snow event in Genshine Impact 2.3. 

Dust and Shadowed snow event tweet, Travelers can see the Fight with Whopperflower boss.

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